Saturday, 25 June 2011

Still Life - Work in Progress

By using my own camera, some white paper, available light and flash combined i created a makeshift studio at home suitable for shooting my still life project. The following images are the best of what i have gathered from the shoot and now i have the added challenge of post processing them the the vision i had in mind when i shot them. Gathering inspiration from Imogen Cunningham, Irving Penn and Karl Blossfelt mainly i wanted to create some images that looked like they have slightly aged and are warm.

Once i started post processing these images the vision i had in mind and my first comparison:

The Top image is from Karl Blossfelt and the second image is my recreation of this image.


  1. Hi
    You have produced a very high level of images both in the studio for your fashion and still life. Both are very reflective of research and its influences.
    Your use of light both studio and daylight has come on tremendously over the course and I hope you are pleased to hear that you have a Distinction in your unit 207, I am still waiting to see your 211 please can you finish this by next friday please as thats the last date for marking.



  2. First image in this post - superb definition and point of focus is bang on. Nice bit of softness back and front for contrast.
    This is a really good image.

  3. Tim
    Nice idea with the poppy,I have to agreed with Peter the top image s excellent, whould it have been better in monochrome then it would have simliar texture and feel as your Blossfelt example