Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Research: Rob Price - Studio Portraits

Whilst looking on Facebook i came across a local studio photographer that just poped up on my news feed. I found the link to his website and was pleasently suprised by the quality of his imagary. He specialises in family portraits but also does a little fashion photography. He is based in Tamworth and has over 10 years experience as a photographer. His images, in my opinion have character and the family portraits look fun and creative. Although his website contains his main studio work, his Facebook page holds a wider range of photography such as landscapes and some product photography.

These Two images are simular in composition but show a different feeling, The above image shows love and affection towards grandmother and child where as the one below it shows a baby looking up to his older brother. The lighting in the two is bright and clear but the bottom image has been pushed a little. Both images convey a happy emotion and make you smile when you look at them.

 Showing his creativity, he has gone from your usual family portrait and made what was once a chore, a happy, fun experience. The familys in these images look ganuinly happy. Again the lighting is full on and the whole set up high key. I like the composition in the first image, its fun and quirky. There are no shadows in either imahes which is maybe appropiate for Rob but i would like to play with the top image and see how the use of shadows would change the image.

These photos catch my eyes because of the main focal point which is the eyes. The lighting has been pushed high and they have been softened. The colours of both images are different and convey a different emotion, the first images is warm and loving and the childs eyes give a relaxed umpression. The second image is monochrome and is quite cold but in contrast the emotion is of supprise and again the eyes draw you in.

I like the shapes in the second image and how it makes tattoos, which are probably normally a symbol of haed and rough, look soft and insignifigant compared to the models loving embrace. The use of the tattoos in this image makes it interesting and the shapes catch your eye without defecting from the main focal point which is the couple themselfes. The first image uses a single light to light half of the subjects face which makes it look mysterious.

As well as working as a family photographer he works with models and these two images are as far different as they could possably be. The upper image has loads of 'pout' and the model is poised looking off set and is giving off an emotion of stone. Its a high fashion shot and the lighting is relaxed. The second image is monochrome and the subjects yeys are the main focal point. The closeup head shot works well with the side look pose.


  1. Hi
    Can you look at more iconic work of historical and contemporary photographers please that you can clearly reference rather than random people off facebook. Whilst I appreciate that this is today he is not the right kind of person to look at. Please can you take more advantage of the magazine ,books and the list of photographers on the wall at college as this will inform and direct you in a much more constructive way.


  2. Hi Tim, This is Rob Price. Not happy that you have used my images without permission. Could you please remove this page asap to avoid an further proceedings. I have taken screen shots for evidence.