Friday, 29 April 2011

Ideas for 30th April Model Shoot.

Rob has kindly booked a model for all students to use in the studio, This will be my 2nd studio session for portraits and as the studio will be set up for high key head shots in the first half its an ideal opportunity to work with a professional model. I have put together some images that show the look that i intend to produce.

For the first half:

In the second half we intend to adjust the lights to create positive shadows.

I will be using the studio camera mainly as it can produce more high quality images and is more compatible with the studio lighting. I will use my own to capture the layout of the equipment.

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  1. Hi
    Can you reflect back on the shoot that you have just done and compare what you have taken against your research. Identify what went well and what didnt. Use critical vocabulary to identify clearly what elements worked and why? What would you do differently next time to improve and really raise the bar on your photography.