Monday, 9 May 2011

Conclusion For Photoshoot 7th May

This weeks shoot went extremely well! I'm more than happy with the shoot and now Ive been in the studio a couple of times i have a little added confidence. The advantage i had in this shoot was that i knew the model and she is no stranger to the studio, that said, i cant deny how pleased i am with the results! I'm currently processing the images in photo shop but I'm going to include the shortlist from the shoot, and i use the word 'shortlist' lightly.


  1. Hi
    By far your best shoot so far, you are now starting to show that you can control lighting to suit your theme and work in a similar way to that of your research and influences. And also the benefit of working with a model who understands how to present herself both via makeup and styling.


  2. Tim
    Nice selection of images top ones for me are 4th from top & 4th from bottom. Would it have been an idea to vary the background lighting ? some of the close ups may have been helped if the hair had been highlighted. Good luck choosing from them for your portfolio.