Friday, 6 May 2011

Conclusion - Photoshoot 30/04/11

The photo shoot itself went, in my opinion, extremely well. Before i went into the studio i had an idea of what i wanted and the image i wanted were mainly head and shoulder shots with an on camera crop. The lighting i had in mind was high key initially and then depending on the model adjusted to suit but as the model had blond hair the bright lights worked well with her.

The un-edited Shortlist from the first half are as follows:

I like the way the light casts shadows over the models face which adds texture and when editing i can enhance this with tools in photo shop. the cropped look also works well with the model looking off camera, it adds mystery to the image.

This is the light setup for the above images.

The second half of the day we moved the lights around and gave the images a more subdued lighting effect which, in turn, gave the images a more relaxed feel. The composition was the same as the above images and i was looking for a more cropped image but i was hoping for a full length shot of the model but as we were working as a group i had to make some compromise. The shortlisted unedited images are as followes:

 The lighting in these images give them a more subdued feeling with soft texture. Although the composition is pretty much the same as the first set, they look and feel completely different because of the lighting. My next step is to edit these in photo shop to enhance the natural feeling.

The lighting set up for the above images.

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