Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Homework - Looking in squares.

 This weeks homework is to create 5 images with 5 different objects and a person or people in them. The only setting i can use is manual (m) and each image is to have a different ISO. They have to be cropped into 8x8in squares and be taken using natural light. I haven't used a tripod for any of the following images and i have used my own equipment which is a canon EOS 1000D with a 18 - 55 mm lens. 

I took this image at home using just the natural light through a nearby
window, the camera settings are ISO 800, shutter speed 1/4s and an 
aperture of f/5. 

This was taken outside and its taken through a structure at a garden
center that i visited recently. The settings are ISO 100, shutter speed
of 1/50s and an aperture of f/18.

This was taken outside, so the lighting is natural. The settings are ISO 400, 
shutter speed 1/60s and an aperture of f/13.

This image was taken in mid-afternoon at the side of a lake in a 
bird watching station. The camera settings are ISO 200, shutter 
speed 1/50s and an aperture of f/10.

This is the final image i have selected for this task, as you can tell
it has a lot of noise in the image and this is due to the high ISO. 
The camera settings are ISO 1600, shutter speed 1/6s and an 
aperture of f/5.6.

 Overall i found this task quite challenging because its the first piece of work i have done. Now that i have worked with the manual settings on my camera i find it easier in understanding what the settings mean and how they work. i captured more images than what i have shown but due to the specifics of the task i have left them out because they have the same ISO. Instead i can use them in further work should i need to. now being able to use flash was also a challenge because even the standard camera flash adds that extra bit of light even on location.

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  1. Hi
    This work has clearly met the brief I gave you along with interesting solutions. I not only look at the technical, but at the creative as well as this shows me your style of image making.