Saturday, 12 March 2011

Statement of intent - Studio Portrait photography Theme 1


My aim for this theme is to create a mixture of low and high key images. The purpose of creating  both low and high key images is to explore how the mood of an image changes when you adjust the lighting.


Ive been naturally interested in Portrait photography for a while and whilst researching established photographers such as RankinWolf Kettler and Bart Leger i have come to the conclusion that i would like to do a mixture of high and low key images so i can distinguish between the differences in lighting. I have chosen two images that i would base my final decision on for each as follows:
Low Key.

The low key session will be maternity shots because i see them as being interesting images. I think that they fit in well with the sensual feeling of low lighting and a mixture of colour and black and white images.

High Key.

The high key images i intend to produce will be fun and bright. A complete contrast to the images i will produce in the low key section.


The equipment I'm using will the studio equipment at collage and the same for the lighting. 

Camera - Canon 5D
Lens - EF 24-105mm ISUSM
Studio Lighting

Techniques and Lighting.

As i will be completing more than one shoot and more than one model to produce my final images the visual messages will be different. The low key session will be low, moody, sensual specifically highlighted images where as the high key work will be bright white and happy.

Health & Safety.

Because the lighting hangs from the ceiling, this reduces trip hazards but walking into the lighting units could be an issue. For the high key work then the room will be brightly lit so every potential hazard can be seen, for the low key work the room will be dimly lit so clear walk ways to the door will be specified.

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