Sunday, 13 March 2011

Maternity Photography.

For my first studio session i have decided to enlist the help of my friend to model for me, the catch is...shes expecting a baby! The reason I'm choosing to create some maternity images of my own is because i simply find the images interesting and hold a story behind them. Taking classy, tasteful, low key images of pregnant women is a beautiful way of documenting an important rite of passage and natural progression of a woman. I have a clear idea of what i want and i have searched the Internet for examples of what i want to create and they are as follows..

Those images are what i want to base my images on but with my own twist on. I have been sampling some images at home using my kit and a speedlight, then working in photoshop to enhance the image further and removing some of the imperfections to create a polished and smooth overall appearance..

ISO-100, 1/80s, f/10

ISO-100, 1/80s, f/10

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