Saturday, 19 March 2011

Studio Layout Plan - Studio Portrait. (Theme 1)


In my low key work i will have one light with the barn doors to create a dark moody feeling, I have a feeling i may have to use a black background but i would like to create this effect with just the lighting alone. 



As you can see the actual layout is much different than i had orriginally planned. This was my 1st studio shoot i was a little nieve into thinking that it would be a breeze....i admit defeat. Because of the nature of the shoot, we tried different poses and lighting positions to get it right. I have included some images of the set up and equipment that i used and my favorite 10 images from the shoot will follow in the next blog. There was a last minute addition to the lighting thats not on the floor plan and thats the snoot but it didnt feel comfortable so i removed it.


  1. Hi
    Can you add more detail here of what you did technically on the shoot along with any data for the lights and camera, etc.. along with any set up shots from the back of the studio to show the set up of lights and background, etc...


  2. Interesting to compare this set-up with your images that you posted. The B&W low key works really well - similar to my plans for portraits, so maybe we can collaborate when we can get models into the studio?

  3. Hi
    A good blog with a shot of the set up along with a studio lighting plan is great. You will fine by working this way every time that you will soon be able to set up lighting that suits a variety of settings very quickly.
    Great work.