Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland and by the age of 18 he was a DJ at night and studying photography in the day. During his second year he was approached by the BBC to make a television programme about him called 'A style of ones own'. after the success of this he bacame Artist in Residence for Photography at the Glasgow school of art and in 1990 he held a show representing Glasgow as part of its 'City of Culture' programme.

Ian has worked with artists, celebrities such as: Ben Cura, Patrick Knowles, Joe McFadden, Josie Taylor, Christina Cole, Jemima Rooper, Malcolm Temple, Peter Griffin, G L Brierley. He has also worked with various busnises to create some corporate and fashion images such as, BBC TV, EMI, L'Oreal, M&S, TOPSHOP, HSBC, GMTV, Bombardier, Asda and Arcadia Group.

He moved to london in 1991 to continue his successful carrer in photography working with all of the big names in fashion, buisness and television. His Natural no-gimics style has won over many followers and he has since started creating his own Blog.

The above two images are of the same person but of a completely composition. Although the lighting is very similar it gives the two images a different feel, a feeling of mysteriousness. The top one is composed using the rule of thirds where the model is standing in the second line. The use of lighting in the two images highlights his eyes and they are sharp.


  1. Hi
    you have produced a biog and some images, Im guessing that you cut and paste the biog, I dont mind a very very small amount of this, the rest of the blog needs to be about your analysis of the images and what value you can draw from them. (see the tutor site to help you with this).
    Your research really needs to kick on now and be appearing in much more volume as this will inspire, influence, and affect your work.


  2. HI
    I need to see more research happening now please, the volume of this has to be equal for both of your themes as well, look at the assignment paper on the tutor site to check.
    I will help you with the labels as they are not quite right, dont worry though a quick fix.